Happiness is a balance of what you need and what you want

I needed this little guy today . Soft , fuzzy , comforting. Haha I am regressing from dog lady to stuffed animal weirdo . Wait, I reject this concept! Am I really so odd to want to find comfort and rebuff the negative ions spewed my way? I much rather focus on happiness finds than staying in a dark underbelly of sad facts to share another day. Please repeat after me :


Happy bubble protects my soul and defines the dome surrounding me. Safe , content , calm. Some might suggest living in a state of “happy bubble “ is unrealistic. If Echhart Tolle can have his pain body, I can have my damn Happy bubble!

Be kind to yourself today and find comfort where you can and remember :

Out of the ashes comes great beauty🌸.

Jumpinkat’s Happy Thought Toolbox:

Aesop is yummy and charms my senses into happiness. Spray liberally!!!!
Lululemon travel bag . So many zipped happy compartments for my pillow IPad and travel delights. Rafa here I come…

One of my inspiring instagram finds @katieholmes.counselling always gives me a boost and offers thought provoking clarity when I need it. Katie also leads me to new finds . Check her out.

Inspiration, happy bubbles and cute little stuffies are all I’ve got today . Please feel free to share how you find your joy. For now my dear travelers in life I bid thee Adieu. 🚁🚁🤷‍♀️🐕