Hit the eject button

Well it’s been 3 days since the official beginning of the end of my marriage as Mark was served for divorce by an officer of the court. I can imagine him hearing the knock on his door . His text response to me. Typical. He was relieved and would have served me some time after his travel.

While I’m going to work on my best life, I’m allowing myself some pity anger venting party.

REALLY DUDE! You don’t have the cajones to man up act with class and file some papers to inform me you are a free agent sporting a boner for a new team. Bah! Shame on you in all your illness , addiction and blame game! Classless , reckless, narcissistic jerk! You ARE capable of better . Show your life partner of 28 years RESPECT!

Ahhh I feel better and thank my new follower #stilllearning2b for some great material to motivate and reinvent myself. I don’t want to be caught in the pitfalls angry needing justice and apologies. They are valueless in the best life scenario. I am going to imagine what I want and where I need to go and who I want to be there with. Forget the why . Focus on the How.


Covent Garden I’m coming for you!

Breathe Jumpinkat breathe.

And so it begins… Expect great things ahead ! Next up: living my best life!!!!

I’m going to jump into the cornfields of Indiana and the cobblestone roads of London .

Today’s challenge – what are you jumping into? Are you brave enough to make a fool of yourself and send me a jumping picture ????