Am I blog worthy?

Ha! Self expression takes all forms and satisfies many needs. I am not a “need for attention look at me kind of spotlight” lady. I thrive walking the streets of London , often solo , looking for the blue building disks that indicate at this building someone or something historically significant lived or happened here. Recovering from social interaction capital “I” for introvert is me yet all my friends swear I’m an extrovert! This is the fake it till I make it feet first philosophy. So it is surprising that I truly appreciate my first blog follower and feel all toasty warm and glowy inside right now. Connection equals validation. Right now I need to know I’m not alone handling a blown up marriage to a mentally cray hub wondering on a minute by minute basis what text or email will torpedo my way . I don’t have answers to this life puzzle . I am full in the thick of it. I can’t see the freakishly orange full moon thats blocked by a fence and those damned trees. Wait a second sister. I can step back and catch a glimpse because someone out there just lite a match and gave me an itty bitty path to follow out of this pie hole with the press of his Press this follow button. Just hope it wasn’t an accidental like….🤷‍♀️😂.

Anyone see a blue disk?