It’s not that simple…


Married / single , couple / solo , date nights/Netflix. Wtf peeps. I’m trying on this new coat but it’s too tight on my shoulders and is way too long and ill fitting. I don’t like it and want a refund.

Guess I’m going to have to sit in this shitstorm, look for an umbrella and figure things out.

This I know. The more I share my honest emotions the better and less alone I feel. Today I announced I had filed for divorce to my drapery sales guy calling to collect an old outstanding invoice! Yup really awkward. He said , “ At least you have your dogs.” In true well planned Uber chill response (lol), I said, “They aren’t as nice to sleep with.”

WOW. Just the right amount of creepy visual left a lasting impression and ensured I will never have to speak with him again. Share number 2 more rewarding from the nurse administering unnecessary Botox in my forehead . Thank you girl for letting me know you were married to an alcoholic for 22 years and that you are now happily married to an amazing slightly younger man who rocks your world.

Yes Oprah I see you! I hope you see me too.

Journey along jumpinkat. Journey along..

Just the right amount of awkward means I’m an interesting person😎