How can I help you daughter?

So I’m not alone on this shitstorm journey. I brought an unwilling passenger along. Geeze daughter, I’ve been so caught up in my own pain and suffering that I failed to glance in your direction.

The stability of our family unit has been blasted to smitherines . Your dad disappoints on so many levels. Master manipulator he appears distraught at the strained state of his relationship with you. What better way to appear sincere than to offer gifts . “Bella (one of his 🐴horses). is yours Kel. Why don’t you come up and see her. We can train up the coast together . “ In between promises , he states his case for my dismal lack of contribution to our life together. “ Your mother hasn’t done anything in our business.” He let’s you know you haven’t done your part either. “ I’m disappointed Kel that you haven’t kept me informed this week about the health of your grandfather .”

Here’s the thing. You are one hell of a major force to be reckoned with. I bow to your resilience and learn from your pure heart and strength. I’m unsure that being an adult when your parents implode is better than being a child. You have some adult perspective but the foundation of your world is cracked . Add in one parent’s mental illness and manipulative behavior for his own betterment to the mix and the result is a full blown earthquake size 8 on the Richter scale .

On the other hand, Your mom is an emotional train wreck. Girl I am slipping. Room mom, Girl Scout troop leader , NCL chapter president did not prepare me for this! I am on a very slim tight rope above the twin towers post airplane 1 gripping my butter coated feet to the steely coil trying to make my way to the window where I see you searching for a way out. We are both perilously holding on .

Despite my fears and uncertainty and pain, I do know this:

I have faith in us. We are bound together in love and the certainty of showing up for each other. When life gives us lemons, we make lemon drops or my favorite new drink , bees knees…

Dear friends , please find your bees knees and have an inspiring incredible Sunday . Look up from your path and SEE those who need you – slippery or steady toed. You do make a difference!