Christmas orphan

18 and 19 Trash!

So this year is a first for me. I have joined the class of characters struggling to make the holiday bright and shiny. I’ve made cheeseballs, decorated two mantels , wrapped gifts that are mostly for myself. Damn that happy mall full of families shopping together! 2 months into my status as filed for divorce, did I tell you my husband has announced he is cured from depression and manic behavior? He’s graduated into the un-drugged. Way to go! Keep that alcoholic level high! Bound to keep you happy and rid of the pesky soon to be ex wife who is the root of your problems. My old holiday traditions have blown up. There will be no husband and no daughter to wake up with Christmas morning. Skip the william Sonoma pastries plumping on the stovetop . Bah to fondue , Christmas lights and Rudolph cocktails. Daughter doesn’t want to be in the same state or deal with awkward who should I spend time with this holiday. I feel deserted . We shared the shitshow hubby show last year. I get it but it’s smarting to my core.
Good news! I have a therapy appointment Christmas Eve! Yay. Merry merry.

Trusty poodles will sustain me!

So listen up, whether you have a gaggle or are hanging by yourself , appreciate being. Soak in the experience knowing there is a plan for you and your journey. Honor yourself in all your loneliness and accept the feeling as fleeting or look at it as the opportunity to explore you. There are far more people needing basic necessities! Get perspective and do something for someone else .

Happy hanakkuah, merry Christmas 🎄🎁. Peace love ❤️ and be.