Jumping into a new space

Progress. Little by little. Next chapter. Sign me up for the unknown!

Today started sluggish and stressful and slid into fan shit flying everywhere. Realization happens.

Bipolar spouse is wooing unknown romantic squeeze chick on my dime and in my real estate using my elite mileage status points for first class airfare with my credit card. There is a limit to understanding. Reap what you sow Dude! Bully no more. This is the catalyst I need to put on those big girl panties and start the next chapter. It’s almost anticlimactic. Sadly my marriage has become a cliche. I will not be a cliche.

I choose me!

I know there is a good man inside of the cliche yet his shell is made of impenetrable bat dung smelling like flamingos at the zoo. No thank you. I am willing to inch along to a new life alone.

I’m not stuck feeling weepy anymore!

New motto:

I choose me!!!!!!!!

Are you struggling? Feeling so sad for the loss? Please share…🐩🌴

Jumpin help from my dear friends who get me through the rough patches